July 6, 2017

PureClean Ultrasonic Toothbrush (Black Edition)



Rechargeable battery (charging base included)
12 Replacement brush heads
5 brush modes (clean, white, polish, massage and sensitive)
Built-in 2 minute timer
Oscillations 48,000 per minute
Ergonomic handle
Illuminated display
Waterproof design
High-quality bristles encompass each tooth for exceptionally clean results


1 toothbrush handle
1 charging base
12 brush heads

SimpliSonic PureClean Ultrasonic Toothbrush was designed your toothbrush to provide a level of dental hygiene that will rival the professional equipment and care you would receive from a visit to the dentist. With interchangeable brush heads and multiple power settings,the Ultrasonic Wave can serve the whole family while creating a customized and dynamic brushing experience.When used on a daily basis,your toothbrush will help fight against gum disease and gingivitis while maintaining a bright and healthy smile.

We at SimpliSonic understand the difficulty of maintaining consistent oral hygiene. Because of this,we have programmed your toothbrush to assist in this area with a special timer prompting you when the optimal brushing duration has been reached. After two minutes, your toothbrush will automatically shut off, letting you know you’ve reached the dentist recommended time for brushing. With this simple but effective feature, you’ll always be sure that you’ve received the maximum benefit from your SimpliSonic toothbrush.